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I wanted to copy a post from the Paddington Class blog on how they have been supported by the skills and knowledge of Wiggin’s class whilst developing their knowledge of Mercurial Waters within the Enchanted Kingdom…….This is a fantastic example of inclusion at SdS!

Today, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Wiggins Class.

Paddington class are currently learning about ‘Mercurial Waters’. In class, we have been thinking about how we used water and how it is used in Africa. We realised that we use water in similar ways to people in Africa: for cleaning, drinking, washing etc. Water can also be found in rivers, streams, the sea, ponds, baths, showers and many more.

It occurred to us that there are many dangers around water. We started to think about how people in Africa would need to be safe around the rivers and The Victoria Falls (hippo attacks, risk of drowning, being swept away and crocodile attacks) but also how important it is for us to be safe around water in school and at home.

This is where Wiggin’s class comes in. Wiggin’s class is responsible for looking after the school garden and school pond. They told us what we might find in the pond but also, most importantly, how to be safe around the pond.

At the end of the talk, Wiggin’s class presented us with the key to the school garden. What a privilege!!!

Tomorrow, we will be visiting the school garden and the pond bearing in mind all the important things that Wiggin’s class have told us.

Thank you so much Wiggin’s class!

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