Dedication, Determination and Team spirit

What a successful weekend we have had at SdS. The Players on Friday night acted to a packed audience with standing room only. This was after months of hard work, cooperation and collaboration. Many thanks to Mrs Lutas and Miss Duffy for their perseverance and creativity.
On Saturday the Year 3,4,5 and 6 showed confidence and flair as they danced in the Regional Strictly finals at The Derngate. Other schools took the title and so now this will be a great piece of work demonstrating all we know about the Growth Mindset… How can we improve and what can we learn from the winners of the competition. Many thanks to Miss Shipton and Mrs Kaur for their great dance teaching and dedication during the year.
One thing that sticks in my mind from being with many of the children over the weekend is their smiles and support for each other and the enjoyment and reward that being part of a creative team has given them.
All of the above children should be proud of their skills, determination and dedication….Congratulations to you all!!!!

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